Fuerteventura Surf Beaches

Fuerteventura Surf Beaches

Fuerteventura has many amazing surf beaches

Not only does this white sanded crystal blue watered island have some of the best beaches in the world it also has amazing surf.

Surf spots on Fuerteventura range from beginner sand beaches to hollow barrelling reef breaks.

To get the most out of the surf in Fuerteventura you need to know several things about your own level, locations and weather.

The location of the surf is just one aspect, you will also need to  have a good understanding of what conditions each spot works best in plus know what waves you can handle and enjoy.

Surf weather:

Most of the good waves arrive in Winter when low pressure systems track across the Atlantic ocean. Strong winds running across the sea transfer wind energy into wave energy. Depending on the size of the storm waves vary in size and power.

Respect the power of the ocean especially if you are not used to surfing in similar locations. Seemingly small weak waves when viewed from the shore can be deceptive. Paddling out on new locations with no one out is not recommended. There is always a good reason no one is surfing a seemingly amazing surf spot.

Keep you eye on internet websites forecasting swell and wind conditions, websites like windguru.com can accurately predict local conditions.

Waves to suit your surfing skill level:

The waves in Fuerteventura go from super easy to super powerful and everything in between. If in doubt start easy and work your way up. A big scare can really shake your confidence and significantly slow your progress down.

Newcomers to the surf world can book some surf lessons with one of the many surf schools in Fuerteventura. This is a great way to jump start your surfing, get to know the sport and make some good friends along the way. A few surf lessons can save you many hours of frustration. The surf instructors will know  the best spots for a given day and give you the right equipment for your level.

Finding places to surf in Fuerteventura

The best place to surf on any given days depends on the local conditions.

Local conditions include such information as:-
Swell size (size of the waves from trough to peak)
Swell direction (direction to where the storm creating waves comes from)
Wavelength (distance between wave peaks)
Local wind conditions
Other factors can include crowd factor and your skill level.

There are several good websites that give accurate local weather condition forecasts we can recommend www.windguru.com

Best Surf Spots in Fuerteventura


El Cotillo beach
Playa del Rosadero

Intermediate surfers:

Playa del Moro
Rocky Point

Advanced Surfers:

The Bubble
El Hierro
El Tigre

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