Best places to visit in Fuerteventura

Best places to visit in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, with its stunning natural landscapes, beautiful beaches, and unique cultural heritage, offers a wealth of attractions and places to visit.

Here are some of the best places to explore in Fuerteventura:

Corralejo Natural Park and Dunes:

dunes of corralejo

Located in the north of the island, this natural park is known for its vast sand dunes that stretch along the coastline. The rolling dunes provide a unique and breathtaking landscape, perfect for hiking, photography, and exploring.


As the former capital of Fuerteventura, Betancuria is a historical town nestled in a scenic valley. It offers a glimpse into the island’s past with its charming architecture, cobblestone streets, and cultural attractions like the Church of Santa Maria.


Ajuy beach

Situated on the western coast, Ajuy is a small fishing village known for its dramatic black sand beach and impressive cliffs. Visitors can explore the nearby Caves of Ajuy, which showcase volcanic formations and provide insights into the island’s geology.

Oasis Wildlife Park Fuerteventura:

Located in La Lajita, this zoo and botanical garden is a popular attraction for families. It offers a chance to see a variety of animals, including giraffes, elephants, and reptiles, as well as a range of exotic plants and gardens.

Lobos Island:

Take a short ferry ride from Corralejo to Lobos Island, a protected nature reserve. The island offers pristine beaches, hiking trails, and stunning views of the surrounding waters. It’s an excellent spot for birdwatching, snorkeling, and enjoying unspoiled natural beauty.


Costa Calma beach

This remote and rugged area on the southwest coast is known for its wild and untouched landscapes. Cofete Beach, with its dramatic cliffs and black sand, is a must-visit for nature lovers seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

Sotavento Beach:

costa calma

Located on the Jandia Peninsula in the south, Sotavento Beach is renowned for its long stretch of golden sand and clear turquoise waters. It’s a popular spot for water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Tindaya Mountain:

Rising prominently from the landscape, Tindaya Mountain is a sacred site for the indigenous people of Fuerteventura. The mountain is known for its unique shape and spiritual significance, and it offers stunning views from the top.

Villa Winter:

Located in Cofete, Villa Winter is a mysterious and historic building that has generated various legends and stories. It’s worth a visit for those interested in the island’s enigmatic past.

La Oliva:

la oliva windmill

This charming town in the northern part of Fuerteventura is known for its beautiful architecture, including the Casa de los Coroneles, a stately mansion that served as the residence of the island’s military commanders.

These are just a few highlights of the many incredible places to explore in Fuerteventura. Whether you’re interested in beaches, natural landscapes, history, or cultural heritage, the island offers a diverse range of attractions that will captivate visitors of all interests.