Fuerteventura Markets

Fuerteventura Markets

Fuerteventura Markets:-

Everyone loves to bag a bargain and what is better than a holiday bargain. There are local markets from the North to the South of Fuertevetura. Take a look at the market places and times in the guide below.

Haggling: Fuerteventura is not that far from Morocco but the haggling style over there does not carry over. Once you find something you wish to buy the stall holder will give you the price. If you feel so inclined you could try to make an offer but chances of success can be limited.

Fuerteventura is known for its vibrant markets, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture, shop for unique products, and indulge in delicious food.

Here’s a guide to some of the popular markets on the island:


Corralejo Market:

Held every Sunday morning in Corralejo, this bustling market is one of the largest and most popular in Fuerteventura. You can find a wide variety of items, including handmade crafts, clothing, jewelry, local produce, and souvenirs. There are also food stalls offering tasty treats and snacks.

Caleta de Fuste Market:

Taking place every Saturday morning in Caleta de Fuste, this market offers a mix of goods, from clothing and accessories to local crafts and artwork. You can also find fresh produce, spices, and traditional Canarian products. The market creates a lively atmosphere with street performers and live music.

La Oliva Market:

Held every Thursday morning in the historic town of La Oliva, this market is a great place to explore while visiting the area. It offers a range of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade goods, clothing, and artisan crafts. The market is set against the backdrop of the charming town square.

Puerto del Rosario Market:

Taking place on Saturdays in Puerto del Rosario, the capital city of Fuerteventura, this market offers a diverse range of products, from clothing and accessories to household items and local delicacies. It’s a great opportunity to experience the bustling atmosphere of the city and discover unique finds.

El Cotillo Artisan Market:

Held every Friday evening in El Cotillo, this market showcases the work of local artisans and craftsmen. You can find handmade jewelry, artwork, pottery, and other unique creations. The market also features live music and food stalls, creating a delightful evening experience.

Gran Tarajal Market:

Taking place on Saturdays in Gran Tarajal, this market offers a mix of products, including fresh produce, clothing, accessories, and household items. You can also find local specialties, such as cheeses, olives, and baked goods. The market is located near the waterfront, allowing you to enjoy beautiful views while shopping.

Antigua Craft Market:

Located in the town of Antigua, this craft market is open on Saturdays and Sundays. It focuses on traditional Canarian crafts and products, including pottery, textiles, woodwork, and handmade items. The market is held in a charming courtyard, creating a pleasant and authentic atmosphere.

These markets provide a wonderful opportunity to explore the local culture, interact with the friendly vendors, and find unique souvenirs or gifts. Remember to bring cash, as some vendors may not accept credit cards, and be prepared to haggle for better prices, particularly in the larger markets.

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