Esquinzo beach information

Esquinzo Beach information

Esquinzo Beach, also known as Playa de Esquinzo, is located near El Cotillo on the northwest coast of Fuerteventura.

Here is some information about Esquinzo Beach:


Esquinzo Beach is situated south of El Cotillo, approximately 5 kilometers away. It is easily accessible by car or by walking along the coastline from El Cotillo.

Natural Beauty:

Esquinzo Beach is known for its natural beauty and pristine surroundings. It features fine white sand, clear turquoise waters, and a backdrop of cliffs and dunes. The beach offers a sense of tranquility and is less crowded compared to some of the more popular beaches on the island.

Beach Activities:

Esquinzo Beach is suitable for various beach activities. Visitors can enjoy surfing,  sunbathing, swimming in the calm waters, and taking leisurely walks along the shoreline. The beach is also a good spot for snorkeling, with opportunities to explore the marine life and underwater landscapes.


The beach is exposed to the prevailing winds and ocean swells, making it a favored spot for surfers, particularly during the winter months when the waves are larger. Surfers can catch waves of varying sizes and enjoy the thrill of the sport.


It’s recommended to bring your own supplies, including water, food, and sun protection, as facilities may be limited.

Coastal Walks:

Esquinzo Beach is part of a beautiful coastal area that is perfect for scenic walks. You can explore the coastline, take in the stunning views, and discover other hidden coves and beaches in the vicinity.

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